Prosecuting Castrations: A Conversation with Assistant D.A. Brad Cascio

In this episode of Louisiana Unfiltered, Brad Cascio, an assistant district attorney in Livingston Parish, joins Kiran Chawla as they discuss the use of castrations as a legal tool against sexual offenders. 

Brad shares his experiences with prosecuting castrations, emphasizing the importance of holding offenders accountable and protecting children.  Brad Cascio was the lead prosecutor of 54-year-old Glenn Sullivan of Springfield who has been sentenced to 50 years and physical castration for raping and impregnating a 14-year-old girl in Livingston Parish, Louisiana.
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 02:34 The Legal Weapon: Castrations in Louisiana
03:42 Making a Legal Impact
04:16 History and Implementation of Castration Laws 
04:56 First Experience with Chemical Castration
06:24 Balancing Personal and Professional in Cases
07:13 Disturbing Details: The Oglethorpe Case
09:23 Impact of Castration on Victims and Families 
14:56 Ensuring Accountability and Justice 
16:01 Communication and Acceptance of Castration
18:21 Utilizing Castration for Accountability
19:29 Impact and Satisfaction of Implementing Castration
21:15 Commitment to Combatting Sex Offenses
23:40 Beyond Castration: The Impact of Sexual Offenses
24:40 Glenn Sullivan Case: First Physical Castration
36:35 Victim’s Remarkable Strength
42:10 The Offender’s Control Tactics
47:17 Castration Terms and Conditions
50:08 Learning and Collaboration Among Colleagues

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