Still Unsolved | The Murders of 10 Baton Rouge Women from 1996 to 2002

In this episode of Louisiana Unfiltered, Kiran Chawla delves into 10 unsolved murders of women in Baton Rouge from 1996 to 2002. Joining Kiran in exploring the challenges faced in solving these cases are producer Faren Wise, retired officer John Dauthier and Dr. Joanie Brocato. We discuss the complexities of DNA analysis, forensic technology limitations, and past cases in which DNA played a critical role.

04:14 Investigating the Unsolved Murders
04:42 Fear and Tension in Baton Rouge
08:55 Challenges of DNA Testing
10:11 Examining the Victims
12:14 Complications in Prostitute Cases
15:06 Fear in the Community
16:08 Early DNA Evidence
19:24 Advancements in Touch DNA
20:55 Understanding the CODIS Database
24:25 Challenges in Connecting Cases
27:57 Holding Confessions Close
38:57 Seeking Closure
46:02 Advancements in DNA Technology
53:56 The Future of DNA Analysis

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