The Murder Triangle

In this episode of Louisiana Unfiltered, Kiran Chawla is joined by executive producer daniel Brown as they discuss the rising violent crime rates in Baton Rouge, focusing on the concentrated homicide problem in certain areas of the city known as “The Murder Triangle”. 

They highlight the connection between homicides and drug activity, pointing out the lack of a narcotics division in the city. Additionally, they explore law enforcement challenges like officer shortages and inadequate recruitment, as well as systemic issues leading to criminals re-entering society.

It’s a deep dive into the alarming amount murders in the capital city that have already taken place and it’s all right here on this episode of Louisiana Unfiltered.

0:12 Introduction and Crime Stats

03:07 Analyzing Crime Trends with Daniel Brown

06:55 Impact of Disbanded Narcotics Unit

11:44 Addressing the Gang Debate

15:53 Importance of Bail Bonds in the System

16:50 Overworked Officials and Drug Overdoses

19:35 Comparing Policing Strategies in New Orleans

25:22 Population Shifts and Perception of Safety

29:37 Importance of Local Elections and Accountability

33:15 Emphasizing Solutions Over Problems

35:30 Reality of Shootings in Baton Rouge

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