The Unsolved Murder of Allison Rice

In this episode of Louisiana Unfiltered, Kiran Chawla of Unfiltered with Kiran along with Daniel Brown, Katherine Read, and John Dauthier delve deep into a high-profile murder case in Baton Rouge that garnered national media attention.

The case revolves around the tragic death of Allie Rice, a young woman who was shot multiple times while stopped at a railroad crossing. The motive behind the shooting remains unknown, leaving investigators and the community puzzled.

They discuss the details of the incident, including witness testimonies and the potential involvement of two suspects and also explore the broader issue of crime and safety in Baton Rouge, highlighting the alarming murder rates and the city’s ranking as one of the most dangerous places to live.

Despite the media coverage and public outcry, the case remains unsolved, adding to the frustration and distress of Allie’s family and the community. They touch upon the challenges faced by law enforcement in solving cold cases, such as the lack of resources and the emotional toll on the victims’ families. In their search for answers, they discuss the possibility of collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and the importance of public involvement in providing key information.

They conclude by emphasizing the lasting impact of Allie’s life and the ongoing efforts to keep her memory alive. Listeners are encouraged to come forward with any relevant information to help bring justice to Allie and provide closure for her grieving family.


0:01:17 Late night drive-thru visits: The allure and routine
0:02:07 The Unsolved Murder of Allie
0:02:52 A Night of Tragedy Begins
0:04:01 Mysterious Incident Unfolds
0:13:36 Lack of crime cameras and witness insight
0:19:03 Another murder in the same area raises concerns about gangs
0:21:57 Public concern and the normalization of shootings in Baton Rouge
0:25:05 Lack of Motive and Uneasiness in the Case
0:27:34 Mysterious Disappearance of Crosses Raises Questions
0:30:39 National Media Coverage and Public Pressure
0:33:21 Unfiltered with Kiran: Your Go-to Source for South Louisiana News
0:34:41 Neighbors Federal Credit Union: The Perfect Banking Partner
0:37:34 Reviving a Cold Case with New Evidence
0:40:56 The Grim Chances of Reviving the Case
0:44:36 The Emotional Toll on Families of Cold Cases
0:49:57 Homicide Detectives: Heroes with an Unfathomable Workload
0:53:11 Family’s Faith in Baton Rouge Police Department
0:57:58 Allie’s Bright Legacy

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