The Verdict: Interview With The Families of Caroline Gill & Maggie Dunn

Today on “Louisiana Unfiltered,” Kiran is joined by Erin Martin and Liam Dunn, who bravely share their heartbreaking story of loss and resilience following the loss of daughter and sister Maggie Dunn on New Year’s Eve, 2022.

 Erin and Liam Th(in his first interview)  recount the the crash that claimed the lives of Maggie Dunn and Caroline Gill, and the recent sentencing of Addis Police Officer David Cauthron, who was sentenced to 32 years in prison with 22 years suspended resulting in a 10 year sentence behind bars.

In the second half of “Louisiana Unfiltered” Kiran is joined by Kim Elliott and Mallory Gill, the mother and sister of Caroline Gill. Kim and Maggie provide insight into the impact of dealing with the loss of Caroline, and thier feelings regarding the sentencing in this case.

0:02:59 Liam Dunn’s First Interview
0:04:13 Reuniting with Maggie Dunn’s Family
0:08:09 Recalling December 31st, 2022
0:24:29 Whataburger Surprise
0:26:27 Liam’s Recovery Journey
0:28:51 Erin Martin’s Healing Process
0:32:49 Remembering Maggie Dunn
0:33:56 Losing a Best Friend
0:37:45 Forgiving the Apology
0:39:33 The Importance of Community
0:41:40 Pursuing Legislation for Change
0:44:08 Coping with Loss – Kim and Mallory’s Story
0:45:00 The Weight of Grief
0:47:34 Tragic Events Unfold
1:13:40 Seeking Justice for the Unthinkable

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