The Verdict | Will Smith Murder Trial with Orleans Parish D.A. Jason Williams

On this episode of Louisiana Unfiltered, we discuss the shooting of ex-Saints player Will Smith and the verdict against Cardell Hayes. District Attorney Jason Williams joins us to highlights both the details the impact of the verdict.

We explore the details of the case, the charges against Hayes, and the challenges of securing a unanimous jury verdict. The strategic approach of the prosecution, focusing on forensic and testimonial evidence, is examined.

0:01:48 Introduction to the Will Smith car crash incident
0:03:55 Hayes’ decision to reopen the trial for a new verdict
0:05:31 Verdict for Manslaughter and its Ramifications
0:08:18 Guns and Egos: A Dangerous Mix
0:09:21 The Severe Car Accident and its Consequences
0:10:53 Altercation and yelling ensue after car accident
0:13:28 Off-duty officer arrives at the scene
0:16:35 Hayes initially charged with second-degree murder
0:19:06 Specific intent and number of shots fired at Will Smith
0:20:38 Neighbors Federal Credit Union: Personalized Banking Experience
0:21:57 Examining the motive behind the crime
0:23:04 The Challenge of a Unanimous Jury Verdict
0:25:08 Difficulty in Finding Jurors Unbiased by Media Coverage
0:28:05 The Influence of Will Smith’s Status as a Saints Player
0:30:29 The Trial: Strategic Decisions and Focusing on Evidence
0:34:09 Analyzing the trajectory of the bullets
0:36:48 Cameras capturing crucial moments and actions at the scene

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