Unanswered Questions: The Murder of Christine Moore

In an emotional and heart-wrenching episode of Kiran Chawla’s Louisiana Unfiltered, we are taken on a poignant journey through the life and tragic death of 23-year-old Christine Moore, a beloved LSU graduate student from Baton Rouge. Christine’s sister, Kathleen, and cousin, Bryant Moore, vividly share memories of Christine’s remarkable character – a natural leader, valedictorian, musician, and loving sister who left a lasting impact on everyone she encountered. Kathleen fondly recalls Christine’s nurturing nature towards her seven siblings and her passion for music, leadership, and helping others. Bryant reflects on being awestruck by Christine’s wisdom, authenticity, and grace, despite their age difference.

The Moore family was shattered upon Christine’s mysterious disappearance on May 24, 2002, shocking them to their core. Despite the ominous presence of serial killers in Baton Rouge at the time, including Derek Todd Lee, the family’s focus remained on coping with the overwhelming loss and the uncertainty surrounding Christine’s fate. As the days turned into weeks and months, hope waned, leading to the heartbreaking discovery of Christine’s remains. The devastating truth of their loss left the family grappling with unanswered questions and the void left by Christine’s absence.

You won’t want to miss this edition of Louisiana Unfiltered.


00:11 Introduction to Christine Moore’s Story

02:12 Remembering Christine: An Exceptional Sister and Leader

04:02 Musical Inspirations and Sibling Bonds

10:02 Traumatizing Day: Christine’s Disappearance

10:21 Heartbreaking News: Christine’s Remains Found

20:22 Coping with Tragedy: Finding Strength and Grieving

23:18 Details of Christine’s Disappearance and Investigation

32:05 Suspicions of Derrick Todd Lee

38:54 Coping with Loss and Christmas Memories

41:25 Impact of Unfulfilled Dreams

42:48 Struggles of Coping and Fear of Loss

46:22 Finding Happiness in Memories

48:24 Emotional Impact of Trial Details

50:07 Community Support and Memorial Service

51:17 Overwhelming Funeral Experience

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