What Happened to Dante’ Constanza?

In this episode of Louisiana Unfiltered, we explore the tragic case of Dante’ Constanza’s death in Baker, Louisiana. Dante’, a beloved YouTuber and musician, was just 20 years old when he suffered fatal injuries to his head.

His mother, Veronica Costanza, received a distressing phone call informing her of the incident and rushed to the hospital, Dante’ died the next day and was an organ donor, A LOPA (Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency) hero.

After a lengthy search for answers, Veronica discovered that her son’s injuries were allegedly caused by a fall from a deer stand, but she questions the authenticity of this explanation. Despite her persistent efforts to gather more information from the Baker Police Department, Veronica’s concerns were dismissed, and her son’s death was labeled as an accident.

In this episode, we sit down with Veronica to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Dante’s death and explore her ongoing quest for truth and justice and even make an impromtu call to Chief Carl Dunn of the Baker Police Department, to see why leads that came to light shortly after Dante’s death were not investigated.

0:02:21 The Mysterious Death of Dante Constanza
0:04:05 Veronica shares her son’s mysterious disappearance
0:06:26 Strange circumstances surround the phone call and the accident
0:09:58 Confusion and suspicions arise regarding the phone call and investigation
0:14:08 Seeking Justice for Dante’s Case
0:17:24 Reaching Out to Baker Police Chief
0:20:44 A Tragic Loss and the Impact on Family
0:21:45 Desperate mother’s heartbreaking plea for help
0:31:45 Disturbing Revelation: Plans to Harm Son
0:35:59 Request for Investigation on a Potential Murder
0:38:15 Questioning the Accident Investigation
0:40:38 Misinformation
0:40:55 Impromptu Call to Chief Dunn: Baker PD

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