Pointe Coupee makes arrest in Christmas carjacking case

Teen "wreaking havoc" in Pointe Coupee Parish since Christmas day has finally been arrested.

Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff Rene Thibodeaux said his deputies have arrested the third teenager they were looking for in a carjacking case that started Christmas day 2021.


Sheriff Thibodeaux said his office received several tips that the teenager, whose name and picture cannot be released because he is a juvenile, was in the New Roads area.

He is facing multiple charges at this time.

Around 1pm Saturday, Jan. 8th, the teen was seen at a house on St. Ann St. where officials say he ran from to a home in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania St. where he was eventually caught and arrested by the Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Office and New Roads Police Dept.

This teen along with two others are accused of stealing a truck out of the Waterloo subdivision on Christmas day with a rifle and shotgun inside. It’s why when a Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s deputy spotted the truck on Hwy 416, he stayed behind the truck but waited for back-up before attempting to pull over the driver. When the two deputies tried to stop the driver, Sheriff Thibodeaux said two teenagers took off ditching the truck with both guns still inside the truck. Sheriff Thibodeaux said the duo first went into a home and then ran through Lorio Acres for at least 2-3 miles.

That’s when a resident called Pointe Coupee’s 911 saying someone was trying to break into their truck. Instead, officials said the two went to a home across from Hwy 1 and allegedly stole another truck to get away in.

It wasn’t until the following day, Dec. 26th when deputies saw the same truck (the second stolen truck) coming over the Audubon Bridge on Hwy 10. When deputies started following it, the driver drove the truck into a ditch according to Sheriff Thibodeaux. He added that at this point, there were now three teenagers in the truck. He said all three ran through an open field with one pulling a weapon and pointing it at a deputy. Sheriff Thibodeaux said shots were fired, but the deputy nor the suspect were injured. That specific teen who allegedly fired shots was arrested. Two others ran through an open field near the Pleasant View subdivision.

A second teen turned himself in on Dec. 27th. The third teen was arrested Jan. 8th.

Sheriff Thibodeaux said he was very upset that, “No juvenile detention center in all of Louisiana would or could take the first two teenagers in their facilities so we had to put ankle monitors on them and release them. The one arrested Sunday probably beat me home. That’s embarrassing and sad.”

The teen arrested today however will be headed to a juvenile detention center in another part of Louisiana. Unfiltered with Kiran was told the 17-yr-old arrested Jan. 8th had escaped at least two juvenile detention centers, the most recent escape was from Bunkie about a month ago.

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