Port Allen officer on leave for “ripping gold chains” off two people in Tigerland

A Port Allen police officer has been placed on leave without pay while Port Allen PD investigates.

On July 30, 2022, the Baton Rouge City Police Department notified Port Allen Police Chief Corey Hicks that a Port Allen Officer had allegedly been involved in a “physical altercation” in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Zachary Sibille, 21, of Addis, was arrested on July 30th and charged with two counts of simple robbery (felonies) and one count of simple criminal damage to property (misdemeanor).

BRPD responded to the parking lot of Reggie’s Bar in Tigerland around 2:40am for a robbery in a parking lot. Two victims told officers Sibille allegedly “ripped gold chains from around their necks and stole of them.” The two said the bar had closed and they were waiting in line at a food truck when Sibille allegedly approached saying he wanted the gold chain that was around one of their necks.

There was a verbal argument & a fight at which time Sibille identified himself as a police officer. He showed them a badge and a police id card that said “Port Allen Police” and his name “Zach” on it.


That’s when one of the responding BRPD officers called Port Allen Police and received confirmation that they did have an officer by the name of Zach Sibille.

Sibille is also accused of slashing three tires with a knife to a vehicle that was parked in Tigerland.

Both victims had minor cuts to their faces and heads.

Chief Hicks said he placed the officer on administrative leave without pay as soon as he received notification from BRPD.

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