Possible bear broke into vehicle in Livingston Parish

Wildlife & Fisheries suspects a bear broke into a woman's vehicle & left paw prints all over the SUV.

Go to any national park and you’re often told not to leave food in your vehicles

“I did. I had some old chicken nuggets and maybe some fries,” said Linda Kennedy.

Problem is, Linda Kennedy is not in the mountains, a national park or anywhere on vacation where you may actually spot a bear such as this one in Yellowstone.

“Right but this is Walker so it never really crossed my mind that I would need to put food up,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy lives on Rae Dr. in Walker, Louisiana in Livingston Parish and had an incident on March 22, 2022.

“I come out to go to work on Tuesday morning and my window was busted. There were prints all over my car, animal prints and we’re assuming it looks like a bear print,” said Kennedy. “I didn’t know whether it was a bear or a big racoon. I called the Wildlife & Fisheries and he seemed to think it was a bear and they’ll be coming out to investigate.”

A bear biologist is expected to go out to Kennedy’s home on Monday to confirm whether it was a bear or some other animal.

Her back window is shattered and Kennedy said she left nuggets and fries in the trunk. Plus all these prints don’t appear to be a racoon. But, bears are not uncommon for Louisiana. They’re rare. Kennedy suspects it came from the nearby creek.

When asked if Kennedy had ever seen a bear in Walker, she said, “No, but I know some of my neighbors have in the area.”

So far, Wildlife & Fisheries is telling Kennedy, “they said the prints looked a lot like a bear with the paws and the five toes and that they have been coming out more with the spring coming on.”

Kennedy said Wildlife & Fisheries told her most likely it’ll be a baby bear. On Monday, if they confirm it’s a bear, they will set traps to catch it & relocate it.

So just because you’re not in the mountains, let’s just say it’s better not to leave any food in your vehicles on the rare occasion a bear is lurking in your neighborhood, even if it’s in Walker, Louisiana and not in Yellowstone National Park.

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