Rash of vehicle burglaries overnight along Siegen Ln.

Dozens of vehicles' windows were busted and guns stolen

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is reporting numerous vehicle burglaries at the motels and apartment parking lots off of Siegen Ln. in Baton Rouge.

Officials said so far, it’s up to 35 vehicles that were broken into. Each vehicle was forcefully entered into via broken windows and it appears as if firearms were specifically targeted.

The incidents took place during the early morning hours, between 2am-3:30am.

Surveillance footage from a few of the motels showed two vehicles (dark colored sedan and a white sedan) and numerous suspects on foot in the area.

Above are pictures provided by the EBRSO of the suspects and the vehicles.  

Incidents occurred at the addresses below:

  • 11 incidents at10555 Rieger Rd (LaQuinta Inn)
  • 10 at 10989 Siegen Holiday Circle (Holiday Inn)
  • 13 cases at 5960 Siegen Ln (Bristol Place Apartments)
  • 2 incidents at 7061 Commerce Circle (Residence Inn)

If anyone can identify the suspect attached, please contact ERBSO Armed Robbery and Burglary Detectives or Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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  1. There have also been a number of burglaries along Jefferson Highway over the last several weeks. The perps have been targeting apartments, condos and townhome subdivisions. Namy reports on the NextDoor website.

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