Retired captain accuses BRPD deputy chief of civil rights violations

A retired Baton Rouge Police captain accused a current BRPD deputy chief of possibly violating the public’s civil rights many years ago.

During the public comment section of Monday July 26th‘s Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service hearing (Watch RAW hearing), Caroline Odom stepped up to the podium and spoke directly to Deputy Chief Myron Daniels.

“My name is Caroline Odom. I retired from the Baton Rouge Police Department almost a year ago with 38+ years of service. My question or my comments are going to be directed toward Myron. Myron, we worked together at first district when you first came on the department. We were on evening shift together at first district, opposite rotation. Are you going to deny that I didn’t see you beat the crap out of someone that ended up having to go to the hospital and that you beat him for no reason? Are you going to deny that? Are you going to also deny that my husband helped you with your reports when you brutalized black males in North Baton Rouge for no reason other than the fact that they ran into their house to get away from you? You kicked in the doors and you went in and you brutalized ‘em. You going to deny it because my husband will be more than happy to come testify. My husband was a police officer for 25 or 26 years and Myron would come and tell him some of the incidents that he was involved in and Myron would want to know how he could keep his job and how he would not have civil rights violations brought against him. Y’all have a nice evening.”

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out to BRPD’s public information officer specifically asking for a response from the chief or Deputy Chief Daniels on the accusation. As of now, the request has yet to get a response.

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