Sea of Pink takes over Walker football game after student stripped of scholarship

WALKER — A sea of pink took over the Walker High football game Friday night against Dutchtown not only for breast cancer awareness, but also in support of Kaylee Timonet.

Students filled the stands with shirts that read “I stand with Kaylee.” Fellow classmates also wore pink cowboy hats with signs in hand to show their support for Kaylee.

Timonet’s friend Emmy King came up with a way for the community to support Timonet. He had t-shirts made to support Timonet, whom King calls a ‘childhood friend.’

“We decided to do something physical, t-shirts, or anything to help—something for the students to help out and protest physically rather than on social media,” King said. “I texted my dad, who owns a t-shirt screenprinting business, explained the situation and got it done quickly.”

It comes after strong community outrage following the Walker High principal’s response to Timonet dancing at a private, after party following homecoming.

Walker Principal Jason St. Pierre stripped senior Kaylee Timonet of her title as the Walker High School student government president, and her endorsement for a scholarship was retracted after a video surfaced on social media of her dancing at a homecoming after-party, according to Timonet’s mother.

An investigation is now underway into his actions by the Livingston Parish School System.

The video in question shows Timonet, 17, dancing behind a friend “twerking” at a private party where Timonet’s mother was present on Sept 30. The after-homecoming party took place at the Livingston Parish Country Club.

King said the shirt idea came after students wanted to stand up for Timonet in a way that didn’t involve social media.

“We’ve been childhood best friends. We grew up together since elementary,” King said. “We’ve been close in that sense. I was like that is my friend, and I know how hard she works and everything she has done for the school. We need to do something. I’m glad we know someone who was able to do the shirt. It’s awareness and physical protest for the situation. Showing up to the game will make the teachers and staff realize how big of a deal this really is to the parents and everyone else.”

In addition, a Facebook page titled Let the Girl Dance Scholarship page has been created. There is a link on that page to donate to help Timonet raise money for college.

“I’m upset and disturbed by the situation,” King stated. “Anyone who has seen the video… Kaylee has her hands in the air and isn’t humping anyone, dancing behind someone, and not touching them in any way. It’s going to insane measures for absolutely nothing. This girl has worked her entire life for this, and it’s taken away for what? For having fun.”

The Livingston Parish School System is investigating the principal’s actions with Timonet, UWK has learned. Principal Jason St. Pierre did not show up to school on Friday.

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