Body of missing boater in False River recovered

Wildlife & Fisheries reports the body of Dr. Kenneth St. Romain was found around 8:40am on May 22, 2022 in False River.

“My deepest condolences to the families of this tragedy. I want to say a huge thank you to the neighboring sheriffs departments, fire departments & Wildlife & Fisheries for coming to help us immediately and staying on scene,” said Pointe Coupee Sheriff Rene Thibodeaux.


The river had been shut down since the boating wreck Friday night around 10:30pm when two boats collided.

Wildlife & Fisheries was the lead investigating agency on the case and said a 20’ vessel & bass boat collided ejecting two people. Both were wearing life jackets and survived.

Shea Mouton, 31, of Fordoche, died in the crash on Friday. The search continued into the night and all of Saturday for missing boater Dr. Kenneth St. Romain, a dentist, who recently moved to West Feliciana Parish. But after the weather turned severe on Saturday, officials called the search off for the night and resumed Sunday morning.

The boaters were on the water taking part in a fishing tournament.

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  1. Hi!! As a family member of Kenny, stop posting fluff pieces to keep your clicks up on your Facebook page. This is a real life human with a family, not just a story. It’s called decency. Respect the family at this time. Thank you!

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