Second arrest made in Denham Springs beating/home invasion

The second suspect in a home invasion and armed robbery that occurred in Denham Springs in May was arrested.

Alyssa Dennis was arrested and charged with principal to commit armed robbery, according to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office.

Her boyfriend, Robert Benson, 36, was arrested last week and charged with a count each of home invasion and armed robbery.


The incident goes back to May 25, 2022 in the 10,000 block of Crooked Creek Ln. in Denham Springs.

The victim’s daughter spoke to Unfiltered with Kiran saying her 60-yr-old father was letting Dennis stay with her. Benson, is accused of breaking into the victim’s home and beating him up on May 25th.

“When her boyfriend came in, my dad asked why he was there and Robert told my dad that Alyssa said he could come over. My dad told him he needed to leave and that’s when he attacked my dad. He started choking him and my dad began to pass out and fell on the kitchen floor. That’s when Robert began kicking my dad in the face and told Alyssa to start grabbing things. He even asked Alyssa for a cord to tie my dad up and she came back with a cord she cut off a hair dryer. I don’t believe this was ever used but it was in the kitchen when I arrived at my dad’s home,” said the daughter. “My dad told me that’s what he asked her when he originally grabbed my dad before he went down on the kitchen floor.”

Deputies say Benson and Dennis allegedly armed themselves with the homeowner’s guns and robbed him. The homeowner went to the hospital and was treated for head injuries and a nose fracture.

Officials said the homeowner and Dennis were allegedly inside the home when Benson entered through the back door before the pair attacked the homeowner.

Benson and Dennis were sent to the Livingston Parish Detention Center.

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