Second EBR official leaving after storm water fee debacle

Sources confirm a second East Baton Rouge Parish official has put in his retirement letter just weeks after news broke over the storm water utility fee.

Asst. Parish Attorney Bob Abbott has put in a letter saying he will retire effective Dec. 31, 2022.

Image of Asst. Parish Attorney Bob Abbott
Asst. Parish Attorney Bob Abbott

His announcement comes two weeks after the mayor’s Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Kelvin Hill announced his resignation.

At the last council meeting on Oct. 26th, Abbott said he felt to keep from disclosing information, a non-disclosure would be best after he spoke with the EPA and DOJ. He said Parish Attorney Andy Dotson agreed.

Council member Cleve Dunn put two items on the Oct. 26th agenda as emergency items.

One was to begin the process of potentially removing the Dotson and the second was to question Abbott’s involvement over the storm water fee and the alleged non-disclosure agreement.

Watch more on the storm water fee issue HERE.

Unfiltered with Kiran reported Thursday that Dotson explained to the council he and others in his office were prohibited from speaking in detail about the storm water fee due to Federal Article 408. However, legal analyst and state and federal criminal defense attorney Franz Borghardt explained that Article 408 does not keep things confidential. It simply keeps conversations and documents from being admissible into court proceedings.

Abbott has been with the city-parish since 1998.

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