Senior class comes together to replace custodian’s broken glasses

“These are the days that remind me what being a principal is all about" ~ School Principal

It’s the small things that put a smile on your face but in your heart, they’re the furthest thing from a small gesture.

That’s most likely how a custodian at a local high school would describe what the senior class did for him.

“These are the days that remind me what being a principal is all about,” said John Chewning, the principal at French Settlement High School in Livingston Parish.

Jimmie is the custodian at the school whose eyeglasses broke.

That’s when Edward Allison, the senior class president, approached Chewning saying the class wanted to come together and buy their custodian a new pair.

A few weeks later, Chewning took Jimmie to the doctor and within a few days, they picked up his new glasses. 

Again, it may be a very small gesture for some, but this pair of new glasses is something Jimmie will never forget, nor will the principal forget the generosity of this senior class. 

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