Sharon Weston Broome to seek third term as East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President

BATON ROUGE — Sharon Weston Broome will seek a third term in office as she seeks re-election in November, she announced during her annual state of the city address Wednesday.

Broome’s announcement was not unexpected, as she had been hinting for months about her plans to seek another term as mayor-president.

“I have taken a lot of bumps and bruises for this community to fix the foundation of our city so that we can now accelerate and deliver big and bold ideas,” Broome said. “It is because of this work to ensure that our foundation is strong that I am content I want to see the work completed. So, if you will have me, and I hope you will, I’ll be around for another four years.”

WATCH: MayorPresident Sharon Weston Broome’s state of the city address and re-election announcement

Broome was initially elected in 2016 as East Baton Rouge’s first female mayor-president, defeating Republican Bodie White. She secured a second term in 2020 against the late Steve Carter.

However, her re-election bid faces increased challenges, with criticism directed at her policies and positions over the past eight years. Broome recently encountered backlash over the controversial stormwater fee in 2022. Following numerous reports from UWKthree officials under Broome, including the chief administrative officer, departed the administration due to misinformation on the utility fee. Additionally, Broome has faced backlash over the city’s soaring crime rate during her second term.

Despite these challenges, Broome remains a formidable candidate entering the election year, with no other candidate formally announcing their candidacy.

“We’re not perfect in Baton Rouge, and we have challenges that we have to face … but let’s celebrate all that’s good in our community because this is Baton Rouge,” Broome declared on Wednesday.

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In her state of the city report, Broome emphasized achievements such as a reduction in gun violence, the removal of 141 condemned structures, the cleanup of the city by removing 1,250 tons of debris, and the funding of over 1,000 affordable housing units in various Baton Rouge neighborhoods. Broome also highlighted the allocation of $39.4 million in contracts and purchases to minority, women, and veteran-certified businesses.

As mayor-president, Broome oversees and directs the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the East Baton Rouge Parish government. The office is also responsible for submitting an annual budget to the metro council.

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  1. This lady has done a horrible disservice to the citizens of Baton Rouge; the pitiful roads, the abject poverty, the blight throughout your city, the treatment of your local law enforcement, the trash littering the streets…the list is endless. And she wants another shot at it. Ask yourselves…does she REALLY deserve to be elected AGAIN?

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