Shootout caught on camera | Business owner fed up over shootings in the area

BATON ROUGE – Another shooting in the Government St. area has a local business owner fed up. A barrage of gunfire erupted in the 3000 block of N. Boulevard, rattling the night and leaving residents on edge. 

According to video surveillance, multiple shots are fired off just after midnight on June 27, 2024 in what has been described as a ‘brazen display of violence.’

“This car is going up and down the highway, and it pulls up in the driveway across the street from our office, stops, turns out the lights, pulls out and then drives down the road. Three people jump out and just open fire with automatic weapons and just let it rip,” said the business owner, who asked to remain anonymous.

Bullet hole from previous shooting at the business

One person did get to a hospital and had multiple gunshot wounds. The severity of their injuries remains undisclosed at this time. Authorities have yet to confirm any arrests or suspects related to the shooting. 

The business owner tells UWK that crime is not new to this area. In fact, he shared pictures of damage to his business from previous shootings.

“I’ve got bullet holes in my building from previous shootouts,” he said.

This particular shooting was captured on video surveillance from his store and the owner tells UWK that Baton Rouge Police have that video.  

“You just watch your back all the time. You know, just keep an eye on everything,” he said. “I mean, we’ve caught more stuff on our cameras than you can shake a stick at.” 

Bullet hole from previous shooting at the business

He says residents in the area have expressed growing concerns over escalating violence in their neighborhood. “It’s shocking,” he said. “I cut my grass all the time. Do I want to wear a gun when I want to cut the grass? Because you just never know.”

The business owner owns two properties in the area and has been in business for over 20 years. He’s now really contemplating what the future holds. 

“We’ve been in business 22 years, and it’s just hard to say that I would leave my hometown because of this kind of crap. I just don’t know,” he tells us.

As of now, the motive behind the gunfire remains unclear.

Baton Rouge Police ask anyone with information regarding the shooting to come forward. People can call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 225-344-STOP or the Baton Rouge Police Department directly.

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