PORT ALLEN — A year-long investigation involving a dozen agencies from south Louisiana to Miami has led to six people being arrested in connection to a high-end car theft ring.

The alleged thieves were targeting expensive Dodge vehicles — everything from TRX trucks to Hellcats and Scat Pack Edition Chargers — during their move from rail cars at the Union Pacific Automotive Facility to dealerships in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area. Investigators believe the suspects were using Apple Air Tags to track the vehicles where they would allegedly use stolen key fobs to steal the vehicles.

“They were going into the facility, and there were multiple key fobs for each vehicle, and they would take one key fob and deposit one Apple Air Tag inside that vehicle,” said Sgt. Landon Groger, public affairs coordinator with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

The Union Pacific Automotive Facility in Port Allen is where majority of the Dodge vehicles in the area are held before they’re transported to dealerships. Vehicles are brought in via rail and offloaded to a secured lot. Groger says that key fob protocol and security has been revamped to prevent future thefts.

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