State Police investigating suspect’s death after chase, manhunt

JACKSON — What started as deputies responding to a domestic violence call turned into a manhunt and the suspect allegedly shooting and killing himself Thursday night in East Feliciana Parish.

It was approximately 9:07 p.m. on April 4, 2024 when East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home on Highway 68 in Jackson for a domestic disturbance call. Upon their arrival, deputies learned that an armed man had fled into the woods behind the home. That’s when deputies requested help from the Dixon Correctional Institute (DCI) K9 chase team.

The DCI chase team responded and with the help of an EFPSO deputy, they started tracking the man.

EFPSO issued a news release saying, “Shortly after the manhunt began, the chase team was met by
gunfire. Members of the chase team returned fire. Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect died from a single self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

That’s why the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office contacted the Louisiana State Police requested them to take over investigating the shooting.

LSP is now leading the investigation. It is an ongoing investigation and no further details have been released at this time. The man’s name has not been released currently.

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3 Responses

  1. The person that was killed was not a criminal and was involved in a “non-physical” argument with his lady whom had previously a couple of weeks prior to this was accused by the same and arrested. About 4 days later his lady dropped the charges saying that he was a good man who hasn’t touched or hit her in 6 years AND that she lied to the police to have him arrested then.

    Now on April 5, 2024, she calls the police again to report and say that he has threatened to kill her.

    He retreats into the wooded area behind his house to an area where his kids and him dug out a small cave about 2 feet in the side of a gully wall. Depressed and upset he try’s to get relief from being somewhere that involved his children and some where they enjoyed playing.

    He was only about 100 yards, on his property behind his house. He was NOT running from the law. If his motive was to get away from them then why didn’t he haul butt as he had a 2 hour head start.

    Well before the DCI Chase Team arrived, I (the father) asked law enforcement to let me go in and retrieve my son, he wouldn’t harm me along with anyone else.

    This DCI Chase Team, with dogs, went in behind his and our homes to track him down, like it was some big manhunt for a person whom had killed 50 people and wanted by the FBI or something, which he was not.

    Within 15 – 20 minutes 5 to 7 DCI Chase Team guys had him surrounded using night vision.

    I was standing on my balcony in the back of my home, also approximately 100 yards from where he was. It was pitch black in the wooded area.

    Then I hear these Chase Team weapons being fired. For about 5 seconds these guys cut him up while he was sitting just in the entrance of his kids play cave area which is where he bled to death from the numerous holes in his body.

    From the specific sound that their rifles make, I heard a different sound approximately 2 seconds in, which was (more than likely) my son shooting himself in the head, while being cut down by more than 40+ rifle rounds, knowing his life was over.

    My son wasn’t offered any respect by any authority offering any form of deescalation to come out. It would have been like talking to someone who has gotten really mad to just calm him down. This could have been accomplished by any officer, from anywhere on his or our property. Even to let me speak on a bullhorn to call him out.

    I just wanted to get his story straight with so much mis-information floating around.

    Since this crime scene is now unsealed on our property, I will be conducting my own view of the scene, logging where the bullet holes are and the directions they came from. Since I cannot get any information regarding how many times he was hit by the Chase Teams gunfire, I’ll do it myself.

    My results will be posted on Facebook which shouldn’t be difficult to find.


  2. Get the facts right please terrel…. Yes it could’ve been avoid if said family member s never lied to the sheriffs officers saying all weapons had been removed from his possession myself and the girls are the only real ones that have to suffer from stupid people’s pettiness

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