Samuel Lane Lamendola’s Supermarket arrest
Samuel Lane Lamendola’s Supermarket arrest

Gonzales: Man arrested in connection to supermarket employee robbery & separate home invasion

GONZALES —- Gonzales Police Officers have arrested a man in connection to an attempted robbery and assault of an employee of a local supermarket. Officials say the same man is allegedly connection to a separate incident involving a home invasion in April 2024.

Lamendola's Supermarket Gonzales
Lamendola’s Supermarket Gonzales

Samuel Lane, 40, has been arrested and charged with one count of attempted first degree robbery, one count of attempted first-degree rape and one count of second-degree battery for the Lamendola’s incident on June 28th.

It was around 4 a.m. on Friday, June 28 when GPD officers responded behind Lamendola’s supermarket for an attempted first-degree robbery and attempted assault of an employee.

Police said an employee at the supermarket arrived to work to let an early morning vendor into the grocery store. After allowing access, she went back to her vehicle parked behind the store to feed some cats, as part of her regular routine. While doing so, police say Lane allegedly approached and assaulted her. Officials said Lane allegedly demanded money, and the employee threw her wallet, which was in her purse inside the vehicle, onto the ground. He’s then accused of hitting her and dragging her on the pavement. That’s when police say a male employee came in during the assault and Lane took off.

Samuel Lane Lamendola’s Supermarket arrest
Samuel Lane Lamendola’s Supermarket arrest

Lane was arrested on July 1, 2024 from the Gonzales Garden Apartments in connection to the supermarket employee incident. Once arrested, detectives questioned Lane on the April home invasion and battery and were able to get a full confession, per police. Along with the charges from June 28th, Lane is also looking at additional charges of home invasion and one count of simple battery. 

After Lane was identified as a suspect in both cases, GPD officers say they learned that Lane was on supervised probation for a May 2019 sentencing in regard to a 2016 ascension parish home invasion. Now, a probation revocation hearing could be in the works.

“Within three days of this heinous act, the Gonzales Police Department was able to identify a suspect and make an arrest. I would like to commend my investigators for their tireless work to bring this to a quick resolution. The Gonzales Police Department is committed to the safety of our city and will aggressively pursue investigations and prevention methods that keep criminal-minded individuals off our streets and away from our residents,” said GPD Chief Sherman Jackson.

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