Ten shootings in first three days of 2023 in Baton Rouge

There have been ten separate shootings in Baton Rouge since the start of 2023. In total, 11 people were injured.

Eight of those shootings were handled by the Baton Rouge Police Dept. while the other two were worked by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The breakdown includes three shootings on January 1st, five shootings on January 2nd and two on January 3rd.

None of the ten shootings in 2023 have been deadly at this point, although some of the victims are in critical condition.

In one case, a woman was robbed at gunpoint and then shot. It happened on Jan. 2nd around 6:30pm in the Tigerland area on Jim Taylor Dr. The suspect is said to have stolen the woman’s purse and then shot her in the leg.


The shootings and details available are below. Because majority of the shootings are handled by the Baton Rouge Police Dept., Unfiltered with Kiran is limited on the details since BRPD refuses to work with UWK.

  • January 1st: Shooting in the 2300 block of Balis Dr. around 3:15am with man who showed up at a hospital saying he had been shot by a stray bullet in Baton Rouge
  • January 1st: Double shooting in the 1000 block of N. 46th St. involving a 17-yr-old shot and second victim who showed up to an area hospital for a gunshot wound
  • January 1st: Am 18-yr-old teenager was shot in the stomach around 8:30pm on the 5400 block of Clayton St.
  • January 2nd: Around 1am on Jefferson Ave., a man told officers he was accidentally shot in the head
  • January 2nd: On Toulon Dr. around 2pm, a 27-yr-old man was shot with non-life threatening injuries (EBRSO)
  • January 2nd: Shooting around 3:30pm in the 3900 block of N. Foster Dr. with a man shot, picked up by a car and driven to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds
  • January 2nd: Armed robbery of a woman of her purse and then the woman was shot in the leg on Jim Taylor Dr. around 6:30pm
  • January 2nd: In the 5400 block of McClelland Dr., a man was found shot in the front yard of a home around 6:30pm
  • January 3rd: 3:30pm at a BREC park on Sugar Land Dr., two vehicles were in a parking lot when a man ended up shot (EBRSO)
  • January 3rd: A homeless man said he was shot while walking down Florida St. by a passing vehicle around 11pm

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