The truth: What all really happened on July 4th in Baton Rouge

Crime in Baton Rouge is up, that’s not a secret. Majority of statistics say this year is a record-breaking year so far when it comes to the number of homicides, 68, so far this year. Plus, according to the Biden administration, Baton Rouge ranks 2nd worst in the nation per capita on its homicide rate, just a tenth of decimal behind number 1 Baltimore.

Now, there’s some proof of just what one night in Baton Rouge is like.

Unfiltered with Kiran was able to get recordings of calls into police on July 4th, 2021.

Plus, an officer took to Facebook earlier this week pouring his heart into a post saying working July 4th was one of the worst nights in many years. He added that he believed there were more gun shots, AK-47’s and fully automatic machine guns than fireworks that night. He said it was a “total nightmare working in this environment.”

He said the night started with a young man running for his life from his armed attacker and made it to the front door before he was shot in both legs.

That scene unfolded at 999 Rosenwald Rd. just before 10pm.

Okay, I have a 453 (shooting) just came in at 999 Rosenwald. Can you be en route to this location?

10-4, 999 Rosenwald at Scenic Highway.

Person shot at this location, shot in the leg, we have EMS and fire en route code 3.

Units enroute to Rosenwald, be advised the female is trying to flag down an officer.

All units be advised code 4 at 999 Rosenwald, code 4, 2203.

We got….ugh…the victim is shot in both legs multiple times, headquarters.

That officer did add that two officers did an amazing job saving that man’s life all while EMS and the fire department helped while people were shooting guns and “whatever things that can be launched by gun powder.”

Not even 10 minutes later, a call about gunfire on Interline Ave. came in.

I called a while ago about fireworks and illegal racers on Interline. Now they’re in the dark parking lot behind Epic Piping shooting guns.

Between 9:30 and 11:30 that night, the dept. was inundated with various calls from all over the city about gunfire.

Baton Rouge City Police, how can I help you? Hey how you doing? I’m at **** Cadillac and they been going crazy over here with these guns. **** Cadillac? **** Cadillac. It’s like it’s on the back…

We got a critical problem over here with the uh, people shooting fireworks, and they are also using guns and pistols. We’re in Park Forest Subdivision.

Sir, I’m right here off of Renoir, (unintelligible), it sounds like they are shooting pistols like it’s fireworks. I mean, I can hear bullets ricocheting off of the building.

Yes sir, I stay on Red Oak, and um Sherwood, and I was calling because they’re no longer shooting firecrackers. They’re shooting guns.

Okay, 4527, I have about 20 calls holding and a lot of them have to do with gunshots, so I don’t want to send you there by myself.

That was around 11pm that numerous calls were just waiting on officers.  

Then at 11:45, the officer said a “lone gun man unloaded 6 or 7 bullets into a car full of juveniles hitting one, God knows why these young kids were not killed.”

Shots fired code 3, 4500 Hollywood at Dutton, someone has been shot. Caller screaming, not

answering questions.

Possibly in a moving car, they’re still getting more information.

What’s the vehicle description? I’m coming up to Hollywood on Scenic.

They’re not responding to EMS, they just keep screaming, they’re trying to get the information out of


10-4, they are saying no longer at this location, trying to get a vehicle description for you.

They’re advising that the caller disconnected, we’re going to try and them back.

10-4, we’re receiving a note from EMS that there’s a female shot in the arm, still trying to get a location.

Headquarters to units, it’s going to be a 14-yr-old female that was shot, she’s located on Myrtlewood

in a silver Honda Civic, emergency flashers on.

But the night was far from over. The officer went on to say next was a “drive by shooting with five people in the house, over a dozen bullets entered the house, thank God no was hit. Driving up Scenic Hwy. hearing what sounds like Beirut, flash bangs, shot guns firing more gun fire….Some ofc,s with army/navy/armed forced history brings them to tears hearing all this around them like they are back in Iraq.”

As always, I did reach out to Baton Rouge Police for comment, but I received an email saying the department reserves the right to determine which interviewee/reporter they deem is impartial in covering the dept. and matters that are of importance to the community. 

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