Third deputy arrested, fired for double-dipping

A third deputy with East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office was arrested Monday, June 27, 2022, and charged after allegedly getting paid at another job while being on the clock as a deputy.

Brady Davis, 24, was arrested and charged with theft and malfeasance in office. He was terminated from his position with the EBRSO.

Michael Arthur and Andre Weber were arrested on June 6, 2022.

Officials say Davis, who has been a part of the EBRSO for four years, was allegedly getting paid to work at two local businesses on the same date and time.

Officials contacted the department store Davis worked extra-duty security for and reviewed surveillance footage, which showed fellow sheriff’s office deputy Michael Arthur clocking Davis in before he clocked himself out later that day.

After reviewing the business’s payroll records, officials say the overlapping work hours were confirmed.

Davis admitted to the theft and that he knew Arthur had clocked him in on a day he worked at both businesses when he wasn’t there, according to officials. Davis also admitted he clocked Arthur in before Arthur arrived to work and in turn, Davis left early and allowed Arthur to clock him out.

In addition to the video surveillance and overlapping timesheet logs, Davis is accused of receiving about $500 for hours he didn’t work.

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