Three arrested after teen shot in Livingston Parish

Mugshots of arrested Weatherall and Guidry

Three teenagers have been arrested in connection to a shooting in Walker on Saturday night.

Eighteen-year-old, Ethan Anderson, was shot twice in the shoulder on October 29 in Livingston Parish. Cooper Guidry, Jacoreyon Weatherall and a seventeen year old have all been arrested for charges of alleged armed robbery.

Weatherall also has a charge of alleged attempted second degree murder.

Anderson and two sixteen year olds were standing outside waiting for their friend to arrive at their house when the friend, Cooper Guidry, and an unknown man allegedly drove up and tried to rob Anderson.

Anderson’s girlfriend, Alexis Lynch, witnessed part of the event from the house, and she claims the unknown man shot her boyfriend when he could not rob him.

“He was scared they were just going to shoot him again and that he was going to die. It was so scary,” Lynch said.

After shots were fired, the two sixteen year olds ran for cover and Lynch came out of the house to go to her boyfriend.

The couple has allegedly known the seventeen year old since they were all in elementary school.

“We just didn’t think any of that would happen, you know, because we were friends,” Lynch said.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives have determined the three individuals allegedly traveled to meet Anderson to purchase illegal narcotics from him.

Lynch said, “They were lying to us the whole time saying they were on their way from Lafayette and the whole time they were down the road asking their uncle for a gun. I think they planned to shoot him. I think they were actually planning to shoot all of us.”

The investigation into this incident is still ongoing, and Anderson’s condition is stable. 

According to Lynch, the two bullets are both a half inch from his spine.

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