Livingston Drug Arrests

Three charged with murder related to drug overdose deaths in Livingston Parish

LIVINGSTON — The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office has charged three individuals with murder in connection to drug-related deaths in the parish.

Sheriff Jason Ard stated that in each case, officials had to prove that someone distributed or provided drugs that resulted in a death. Some of the fatalities involved fentanyl.

“We were trying to be proactive, and I believe we were proactive,” Ard said. “This parish is growing fast, and I’ve never hid we have a drug addiction problem.” Ard says that these arrests are “only the beginning”.

Travis Freeze, Logan Brown, and Bryant O’Keith Young Jr. are the first in Livingston Parish to be charged with murder in connection to an overdose.

“Fentanyl is a problem nationwide but it’s also come here to root in Livingston Parish,” Jim Brown, Chief Investigator at Livingston Coroner’s Office, said. “Over 90% of all overdoses we had last year were fentanyl related. We had 86 overdose deaths last year. Most of the overdose deaths that are occuring have mixed drugs, it’s a cocktail. The problem with that is that some of the drugs are fatal just taken by themselves but when you mix them, they compound them. We had 122 overdose deaths in 2022.”

Death of Robert Sibley

Travis Freeze
Source: LPSO

Robert Sibley, 43, was found dead on Dusty Lane in December 2023, Sheriff Ard said. Deputies reported that he was found in a driveway and had died from a narcotics overdose.

Ard stated that Freeze was arrested for another incident in February, during which a search warrant led to deputies reportedly finding drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Sibley’s bond was set at $187,000.

Death of Angela Armand

Logan Brown
Source: LPSO

Angela Armond, 50, died at the hospital in April after an alleged meth overdose.

Sheriff Ard stated that Logan Brown allegedly told a family member, “I killed that girl.” According to Ard, Brown admitted to administering meth to Armond and then dropping her off at the hospital before leaving because he allegedly didn’t want to be connected to the crime.

Brown was arrested in connection with her death.

Death of Patrick Kimble

Bryant Young, Jr,
Source: LPSO

Patrick Kimble, 45, died in May after a reported fentanyl overdose. Kimble was living in a halfway house when video footage showed him meeting with someone to allegedly buy drugs.

Bryant O’Keith Young, Jr. was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in connection with Kimble’s death.

“If you want to play dangerous games, you will suffer dangerous consequences”

“We have been very aggressive towards these narcotics on our streets,” Ard said. “If you want to play dangerous games, you will suffer dangerous consequences. My message is very simply, don’t do drugs. Understand as parents, it’s your job to stay on top of your children.”

The Livingston Parish Coroner’s Office reports that there have been 43 overdoses in the parish so far this year. Sheriff Ard stated that his office has confiscated $5 million worth of illegal drugs and seized seven pounds of fentanyl, which Ard says is enough to jeopardize the entire Livingston Parish school system.

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