Three tropical storms form in the Atlantic

According to the National Weather Service, three tropical storms formed in the Atlantic, but none threaten Louisiana.

According to the National Hurricane Center, three tropical storms — Franklin, Emily, and Gert — have developed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Storm Franklin is expected to turn northward Tuesday to bring heavy rainfall to Puerto Rico and Hispaniola through the middle of the week and could also bring tropical storm conditions to the Dominion Republic and Haiti starting Tuesday.

Emily formed roughly 1,000 miles from the Cabo Verde islands and is expected to weaken soon. National Hurricane Center forecasters said the storm had already reached its peak intensity and no longer met the criteria for a tropical cyclone.

Forecasters say Gert is also expected to be short-lived. The National Hurricane Center estimated the storm’s sustained winds were about 40 mph as of Monday morning.

Besides the three tropical storms in the Atlantic, forecasters continue to watch a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Predictors warned that Tropical Cyclone Nine could bring heavy rainfall to South Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rain may produce flooding and possible mudslides.

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