Traffic Alert: 18-wheeler flips over at Walker roundabout spilling trash

WALKER — An 18-wheeler carrying household trash spilled its load at the roundabout at the Walker exit in Livingston Parish.

It was around 12:15 p.m. when the big rig was attempting to go around the roundabout when it flipped on its side. Walker Police says it’s a Waste Management big rig and spilled household trash on the roadway.

The roundabout is the one coming off of I-12 eastbound. Drivers will be able to go south on 447, but cannot go over the interstate onto the northbound lanes. Drivers need to exit off at Juban (exit 12) or Satsuma (exit 19) in order to go north. Drivers coming off I-12 westbound are not impacted.

No injuries have been reported.

Walker Police says they’re hoping crews can get the roadway cleared before schools let out, but that means offloading all the dumped out trash and then getting the big rig back upright.

Since the roundabouts were installed, numerous 18-wheelers have flipped over but there had not been any incidents recently until today. It’s unclear at this time what led up to the truck flipping over.

This is a developing story. Check back often for new information.

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  1. Maybe speeding too fast for conditions could explain a top heavy vehicle rolling onto it’s side (flipping over is an exaggeration). No injuries? Just like a roundabout is supposed to accomplish.

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