Downs Syndrome

Tri 21 Roofing is making an impact in the Down syndrome community

BATON ROUGE —- Matt and Leah Couvillion are the founders of Tri 21 Roofing, a roofing company based in the greater Baton Rouge area. The company is named after their daughter, Macy, who has Down syndrome

“When she was born, she was very sick. She was in the hospital a lot so I had to quit my job. He was teaching and we quickly realized this isn’t gonna work. We can’t afford anything like this. So I ended up having to find different jobs. So then COVID hit, my husband was let go,” she said.

Tri 21’s Matt & Leah Couvillion with their family

Matt was laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the couple needed work that would allow them the flexibility to care for their sick child. After learning about the roofing business from a friend, they decided to start Tri 21 Roofing, and the company has been a success ever since.

The company’s name is inspired by their daughter’s condition. The medical name for Down syndrome is Trisomy 21. It is also referred to as Tri 21. The Couvillions used the name as a way to both help and educate people. 

“It’s something we hope people ask us about. Yes, we are here to fix your roof and make a living for our own family but we’re also here to help educate people. There are all kinds of special needs that are very capable that people just don’t realize,” Leah tells UWK.

Matt and Leah are passionate about helping others, and they contribute to and help organizations that support people with Down syndrome. Inspired by the help they received from the community in their time of need, the mission of their business is to help everyone no matter how big or small.

“A lot of roofing companies just do replacements. We are very much into helping people so yes, if you have a little bit of patchwork, like a little bitty patch that they say can’t be done, we will come do it,” Couvillion said.

Tri 21 Roofing is a shining example of how a business can be both successful and socially responsible. The Couvillions hope to educate people about Down syndrome and show that people with special needs are capable of great things.

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