Tugboat clocks wind gusts up to 90 mph & lightning strikes during Monday’s storms

tugboat captures 90 mph wind gusts and lightning
Photo Courtesy: Chip Persick

IBERVILLE PARISH — The impact of Monday’s severe weather was felt across the state with severe lightning and strong winds, including aboard a tugboat. Wind gusts reached 90 miles per hour, according to one man on a tugboat during the lightning and storms. That’s equivalent to a strong category 1 hurricane. Over 95 mph is considered a category 2 hurricane.

“It was bad rainfall, nothing worse than a little summer storm and over about five minutes, that turned into 90 plus mile per hour winds and lightning hitting the same places 10 to 20 times,” said Gus Larmeu.

Larmeu’s friend Chip Persick was in his boat that was docked in Sunshine on the east bank of the river and it recorded wind gusts at around 90 miles per hour.

Larmeu says there were boats that had issues reaching cover, but some took refuge at the Plaquemine Ferry landing during the weather.

Boat operators typically get notification days in advance of a bad storm to allow for time prepare, but Larmeu says Monday was different.

“Generally, when we have weather even around 60 miles per hour or higher that we know about in advance where days prior, we tie everything off better than we normally would. We put all the barges together and all the boats together to hold everything for storms like that. Once we get to that point when the storm’s actually here, we shut everything down. We don’t do anything but essentially wait for the weather to pass. This was different in the sense that it was bad weather, and then all of a sudden, we had 90 miles per hour winds and people going out.”

Iberville Parish schools were cancelled Tuesday due to several power outages and widespread damage including downed power lines and trees.

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The storm that quickly tore through southern Louisiana left three people dead, one in St. Martin Parish and a 9-month pregnant woman and her unborn baby died in West Baton Rouge Parish after a tree fell on their mobile home.

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