Two months since Allie Rice’s murder: “I love you baby girl, and I miss you terribly”

Nov. 16, 2022 marks two months since Allie Rice, a 21-yr-old senior at LSU, was killed in the middle of the night on her way home.

The investigation has led to no arrests as of yet even with a $50,000 reward being offered. Baton Rouge Police continue investigating leads actively, but Unfiltered with Kiran is choosing not to publicly put out any details to protect the integrity of the case.

Meanwhile, Rice’s grieving father Paul Rice posted a heartfelt note to his one and only daughter.

To my sweet baby girl,

It has now been 2 months that I have had to learn how to live life without hearing your voice, seeing your smiling face, or hugging you. I miss you so much that I can’t even properly express it. All of your family is still in shock over what has happened and saddened that there are still no answers as to who or why.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how incredibly proud I am of the legacy you have left behind. It seems everyday there is a new story or memory of a mark that you left on the people who had the pleasure of encountering you in their life. You helped, encouraged, and inspired so many people. So many of your friends and their younger brothers and sisters admired you and looked up to you. Your departure from our world has left so many people with a void which will never be filled. I can only hope that as you look down upon us all that you are able to hear and feel what you meant to all of us.

It’s not fair that your mother and I had to go through and clean out all of your things in your apartment – things that you treasured, worked hard for, and represented exactly who you are – you should have had to do that for us. It’s not fair that instead of getting to visit with you at our homes for the upcoming holidays that we have to visit a concrete wall with your name on it or look at photographs. It’s not fair that you never had an opportunity to experience graduation, marriage, motherhood, a fulfilling career – never having the opportunity to be everything that you were meant to be. Life certainly was never promised to be fair – but you did not deserve this. We will all continue to honor and fight for you – for your justice and for your memory. We will continue to spread the message of “Live Like Allie” until the day we come to join you.

I miss the phone calls. I miss the laughter. I miss singing with you in the truck. I miss the TikTok videos. I miss the late night texts that would wake me up but still make me smile. I miss the discussions about internships and career paths. I miss hearing about how proud you are of your brothers. I miss hearing about your friends. It pains me to think about all of the joys of parenthood that your mother and I, and your step-parents, had stolen from us. That your brothers will have to live out their lives with a huge piece of them missing – and the step-siblings who all admired you and appreciated you as a sister feeling the pain of not having enough time to know you the way they wanted. I still wake up every morning hoping that it was all just a bad dream – but it is an unfortunate reality.

Allie – you were such an amazing person, an inspiration to all of us, a hard-worker, and a very loved person. The noise and chatter around your murder may have quieted a bit, but I promise you no one has forgotten – especially your family. We continue to pray everyday for answers. We see a little bit of you in everything we do every day. Constant reminders of who you were to us. No one is ever prepared for this, we always think we have more time and we spend our lives longing for just one more moment. If I could only have one more moment with you …

I love you baby girl, and I miss you terribly. There will never be another Allie Rice – maybe another one by name, but never another one with your spirit. As Nancy Grace so eloquently put it, you were “scrubbed in sunshine”! Rest high my beautiful daughter!

With love always,

Your Grieving Father


In a news conference held after Rice’s murder, BRPD said they were leaving no stones unturned. Someone has to know something. It’s why the family, friends and Crime Stoppers have come up with nearly $50,000 in reward cash for any information leading to the arrest(s) and indictment(s) of those responsible for Allie’s death.

People can call Crime Stoppers or anonymously report a tip online.

Meanwhile, Allie’s legacy lives on with yellow bracelets on wrists all across those in Southeast Louisiana. Scholarships are now being set up in Allie’s memory with funds coming from the several fundraisers held after her murder.

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