Two shot after gunfire exchanged on Mall of La overpass

It was around 8pm on Friday, Nov. 25th when East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputies & Baton Rouge Police responded to the Mall of Louisiana overpass for an incident that officials are still trying to sort out.

Sources tell Unfiltered with Kiran that people in two vehicles may have shot at each other. Sources added they found evidence at the scene of a shooting.

Two people then transported themselves to a hospital for gunshot wounds that appear to be non-life threatening at this time.

Sources added the two did not report or call law enforcement, instead showed up to the hospital shot. They’re now being questioned by officials.

Deputies are now trying to piece together the two men’s alleged involvement in the incident.


Officials have not reported any incidents at the mall itself.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP or submit a tip online anonymously.

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  1. Many in our community have few to no conflict resolution skills. That needs to change. Television programming or violent gaming that desensitized society to death or killing need to be factored in. We need to teach that when you really kill someone dead, they don’t get a set of new lives. There are no “game resets”. Death is real. Grief and loss are real. Years served in prison over failed conflict resolution is real. We must do better.

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