Two teens bring their single parents together and they all live happily ever after

Single parents now married
Single parents now married

WATSON —- In a tale that proves true love can bloom unexpectedly, two best friends had a wishful dream their hearts strategically made come true for their single parents. Like a good fairytale, it all started with a missing shoe.

“Our boys decided that they were going to switch shoes and have mismatched shoes for the weekend. This guaranteed that we’d have to meet up. We went to switch the shoes back and that was the first time that I met Jason,” Brittany Walker, the unsuspecting mom at the time, said.

Bibbidi bobbidi boo! The ultimate parent trap was set into motion.

Brittany Walker’s son Tucker and Jason Walker‘s son Corbin, longtime school friends, decided to play matchmaker for their single parents. Recognizing their parents’ shared interests and compatible personalities, the young duo orchestrated little events in attempts to spark romance.

“They just always tried to get us to interact,” she said. “One day Jason came over while the boy swam. At that point, still, nothing was out of the ordinary, just friends.”

Brittany, now a realtor, lost her husband in 2015 when her children were just five and seven years old. She said her kids missed that fatherly role. Jason, who has been through a tough separation, felt the motherly touch was missing from his home.

“Jason would take Tucker to the racetrack, and teach him how to tinker with things, all the guy things that I can’t really teach him,” she said.

The kid’s plans were coming together perfectly. Just like a scene from the movies, things began to turn around at the fall fair.

“So we went to the fair, me and my kids, and his kids were there. When they realized I was there, they called their dad and told their dad to come to the fair,” she said. “Then we’d stand in line waiting for rides and stuff, and the kids would get out of line and let us wait. It was definitely the ‘Parent Trap’.”

To the amazement of both families, Brittany and Jason not only hit it off but quickly discovered a deep connection that transcended their children’s playful intentions. What started as a friendly outing soon blossomed into frequent dates and quality time spent together.

“And then one day, I remember telling one of my friends, ‘I can’t stop thinking about him, and I don’t know why’,” she said.

The couple spent more time together and soon realized they were just as inseparable as their sons. The boys, who were always together, had already felt like brothers. When Jason’s house flooded in September, he decided to rebuild. This time he was adding something extra.

“He said he was ordering a bed for Tucker. Since the boys were always together, he was going to give Tucker a room at his house,” she giggled.

Brittany said, that basically sealed the deal for the single parents.

“We actually only dated for about three and a half months before we got married. Crazy. It was super fast,” Brittany told UWK.

The connection was made clearer after Brittany lost her brother and best friend, Matt, earlier this year.

“My brother was sick of me and all my dating shenanigans. So whenever he met Jason, he was like, ‘He’s the one, Britt. You better not mess this up!’ So I didn’t,” she shared.

When Jason proposed, they knew they didn’t want a big wedding. Instead, on March 30, 2024, they had a small intimate ceremony with immediate family. 

“It was perfect. It was small, intimate, short, sweet to the point, just like everything else,” she blushed and said.

So far, they have all lived happily ever after.

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