Two women shot over a traffic crash


Florida Blvd. at Eugene was shut down for several hours early Sunday morning while Baton Rouge Police investigated a shooting.

The shooting was over a traffic crash around 3:30am.

As the victims were driving west on Florida Blvd., it appears three other vehicles were racing. One of those three ended up hitting the victims’ vehicle and another car.

One of the victims told police that as she was talking to the driver of a Challenger, the two got into an argument. That’s when she drove off and the Challenger driver allegedly started shooting at them.

A witness to the scene told police that Marcus Dominique is who allegedly shot at the car with the women because he thought they caused the accident.

Two women were shot in the head. A 26-yr-old woman is critical but expected to survive as the bullet did not penetrate her skull. A second woman, 27, was grazed by a bullet to her head and had non-life threatening injuries. Both women were transported to a hospital.

Dominique, 30, of White Castle, was arrested and charged with four counts of attempted first degree murder and one count of illegal use of weapons.

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