Unfiltered with Kiran files suit against EBR City-Parish

Unfiltered with Kiran has filed suit against the East Baton Rouge City-Parish, specifically, the Baton Rouge Police Dept. & Chief Murphy Paul, accusing them of violating UWK’s First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit was filed on Dec. 2, 2022 in federal court in Baton Rouge asking for an injunction.

UWK believes in the First Amendment and the freedom of the press. It is crucial that the public’s right to know be protected and the free flow of information, particularly about our public bodies and its officials, not be impeded.

UWK believes it is our obligation to standup for these important rights and it’s what we’re doing.

Thank you so much for your support.

The suit is attached below:

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3 Comments on Unfiltered with Kiran files suit against EBR City-Parish

  1. Awesome! It’s about friggin time. Kiran is the BEST reporter in ALL of Baton Rouge. The “Defendants” are the ones with “credibility” problems.

  2. Congratulations on getting Jill Craft as council. Jill will chew them up. But anyone in this area knows what has been happening. It’s that blatant.

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