Unfiltered with Kiran wins Emmy award for “Big Rig Relief”

Unfiltered with Kiran won an Emmy award for a documentary on the community and UWK’s Big Rig Relief efforts after Hurricane Ida. It’s the organization’s first Emmy since launching the independent news organization. It comes after a national win for UWK for a different piece.


In conjunction with Media Desperado, UWK documented reports post Hurricane Ida, a category 4 storm that ripped a historic path through southeast Louisiana.

Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Aug. 29, 2021.

Unfiltered With Kiran’s Emmy included reportings from the various devastated parishes the week after Ida, and on the ride home one night, decided more needed to be done than reporting on the devastation.

“It was one thing to report it, but it was completely different to see it in person. Tuesday, Sept. 7th, I remember looking at the time and thinking to myself, I just put in a 13-hour day and will get home at 10pm. Once again, I’ll put together a story for the BR viewers, but isn’t there more? Why be just a reporter? If I have a following, why not use it and let’s serve a purpose together,” said Kiran.


But the relief effort was far from UWK only. It was a community coming together like none other!


The community’s amazing output was documented by Media Desperado’s Amanda Kitch and Santiago Rodriguez Orjeula.

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  1. I will tell you WHY people will go all out with KIran…. She has integrity, character, honesty. I can go on. More importantly, because of her attributes, ppl know what she says is not politically motivated or out of the self interest. WE ALL KNOW that what ever you donate, down to the last penny, will go to that exact cause. There is NO other person that I know of in the field of politics or journalism. (propagandist) that is trusted, without reservation. Congratulations KIran, this is well- deserved recognition for your outstanding commit to truth and service e in our community!

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