Unrest at Baton Rouge juvenile detention center

Three inmates barricaded in a wing and then armed themselves with metal pipes, wooden sticks and pieces of glass to threaten staff members to stay away.

Three inmates wreaked havoc at the Baton Rouge Juvenile Detention Center just after 6pm on Wed., Feb 2nd. The destruction by three inmates got so bad that the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Special Response Team (SRT) had to go secure the jail.

It started when staff at the detention center tried to put three inmates in their rooms who refused. Instead, the trio ran into what’s called the A wing, closed the door and barricaded themselves in a sleeping area.

That’s when the three allegedly started destroying property at the juvenile detention center.

The three are accused of tearing down ceiling tiles leaving parts of the ceiling exposed, breaking light bulbs, throwing water and shampoo in an attempt to make the floor slippery and keep the staff out and throwing a portable fan towards a window numerous times.

The three had metal pipes, wooden sticks and pieces of glass they used to threaten staff members if they entered the area.

It’s why SRT was called in to secure the center and as soon as the three saw the SRT, they gave up. All three were re-arrested.

One of the teens is serving juvenile life while two others have cases that are still pending in court. 

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