UPDATE: Twisted Burgers to re-open, liquor license temporarily suspended

A Plaquemine restaurant that was shut down after weekly strip night is now re-open. Their liquor license has been temporarily suspended and no more weekly stripping.


In a unanimous vote by the six council members in Plaquemine, Twisted Burgers will re-open as of March 9, 2022 at 11am.

Their liquor license will be suspended for 90 days, but the occupational license has been restored. 


It comes after the Plaquemine Police Dept. received complaints on Feb. 16, 2022 that the restaurant on La 1 in Plaquemine was turning into a strip club on Thursday nights. An undercover officer was sent in the following Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022.


When that officer confirmed ladies dancing around the restaurant and on tables, Plaquemine Police went in and issued summons to seven women and shut down the restaurant. 

The original plan was to revoke their occupational license and shut down the restaurant. Twisted Burgers’ owners, David McLaughlin and his wife Chalacey Young, went before the council on March 8, 2022 asking the six council members and mayor not to take their livelihood.

The restaurant’s official owner is Young. McLaughlin spoke up on the couple’s behalf owning up to his mistake.

“I understand what I did was totally wrong. I just accept whatever consequence that you guys have no matter what it is. Definitely, that will never happen again,” said McLaughlin. 


Numerous people spoke up on McLaughlin’s behalf saying he does so much for the community even though he doesn’t live in Plaquemine or Iberville Parish. For example, on Wednesday nights, he hosts events for kids with the goal of keeping them off the streets and reducing any gun violence. When Hurricane Ida hit, McLaughlin was one of the first to open his restaurant to feed the linemen. Plus, he puts on ‘markets’ where small businesses can showcase their products on weekends.

“I messed up and I’ll take that. I’ll take whatever it is but I just don’t think my livelihood, we’ve been without income for the past two weeks and this is how we survive and no matter what we need to do to be able to make it right, we’re here to make it right tonight.  

Initially, council members wanted to suspend the liquor license for a year but McLaughlin spoke up saying the liquor license isn’t what brought on Thursday nights, it was his neglect.

“It wasn’t because of alcohol this incident happened. It was because of my neglect and me not doing what I needed to do to protect the interest of my wife and what we’re going forward with. I just don’t think the alcohol license is the reason why this happened,” said McLaughlin. “I’m just asking can we reconsider suspending my liquor license and whatever the penalty may be because that’s a lot of income that we’ve started to generate so I’m asking for leniency from you guys on that. Thank you.” 

Plaquemine Mayor Pro Tem Lin Rivet Jr. agreed with the Plaquemine Asst. Police Chief Robby Johnson that the restaurant did not deserve to be shut down but that there have to be consequences for the actions.

“I don’t want to get another call from Mr. Johnson or the city PD on any activities that’s not according to your occupational license. I mean follow that occupational license to the letter of the law,” said Rivet. “I never want to take away someone’s livelihood but there are consequences.”

The 90-day suspension of the liquor license is effective Feb. 24, 2022. The restaurant will still be allowed to have BYOB services. 

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