UWK & Dudley DeBosier launch new project to help those in need

BATON ROUGE, La. — In the day and age we live in, unfortunately, many people are struggling but may be too afraid to ask for help. Perhaps it’s making ends meet or you or someone you know is just down on your luck.

Dudley DeBosier and UWK are launching a new program to fulfill a need once a month for someone or a family, within reason. It’s a project called “Difference Maker.”

The way the project will work is the public must nominate someone truly in need at this link (or head to the Difference Maker tab on the website). We will also be accepting nomination for anyone interested in joining Dudley DeBosier and UWK in becoming a Difference Maker to help fulfill some of the needs.

Once nominations have been submitted, the group will pick one family/person’s need to fulfill per month and UWK will bring you that report on the UWK YouTube channel, to which you can subscribe now.

Nominations are now open.

Dudley DeBosier UWK

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  1. I have watched you from afar become an important asset to our city, and when I read that you had joined forces with THE kindest law firm in our state, this just sealed the deal! I absolutely love this idea. Love, Charlene Soileau Bolton

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