Van donated to Keep Tiger Town Beautiful to continue clean-up efforts

BATON ROUGE — A group of “litter warriors” dedicated to keeping the capital city beautiful is gaining resources to help with that pursuit.


Premier South Roofing & Sheet Metal presented Keep Tiger Town Beautiful (KTTB) with a van recently to help with the cleanup efforts.

“It’s absolutely fabulous,” said Jennifer Richardson with KTTB. “They had it wrapped with our logo, and they had lights put on it, and we even have a PA system on it. And then he (RJ McGimsey) stocked it with contractor bags, and when we came here, he gave us gift cards for gas. They gave us carts, more contractor bags, grabbers, and everything we needed to clean up our city. And they have been so generous to us. This is a huge game changer for us.”

According to Richardson, the group was born early in the Covid-19 pandemic. The Keep Tiger Town, Beautiful Facebook group comprises 3,300 members, most of whom devote time to cleaning up different areas of the city.

Now that KTTB has a fan to store its supplies, Richardson said her personal vehicle can take a break.

“I will have my car back after two and a half years,” she said. “My car was filled with supplies, floor to ceiling and front to back. I couldn’t even put my grandchildren’s car seats in my car or a pencil. But now I have my car back, and now we can put everything we need in our van. So whatever we need, we can just open the door and have it right there. I mean, it’s so much fun. And we just love it. It’s just such a blessing.”

What you may not know about Richardson is that she started cleaning up Baton Rouge on her own because she was fed up with the litter. It’s why she was nominated as a Difference Maker. That has now grown into a huge non-profit group that’s truly making a different in the city.

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Her group has not only found needles, guns and all sorts of litter, but very recently, one of the litter warriors found a body in a park.

Richardson said most of KTTB’s members are between 50 and 80. She said keeping the city clean is therapeutic and brings people together.

“We want our city back,” she stated. “We grew up in Baton Rouge. A lot of us are native Baton Rouge people, and we cannot stand to see the disgrace that has happened to our city. We’re doing something about it. We’re boots on the ground. We’re not talking, and we’re not shuffling papers. We are actually out there, boots on the ground and getting the job done. We invite anybody that wants to join us. Please join us. We’ve got a T-shirt for you.”

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