Victim’s Voice: Educator “terrorized” after honking horn at driver taking too long at red light

BATON ROUGE — When we drive to work, we can usually anticipate certain parts of our commute that amp up our nerves: A stop light that’s taking too long or someone trying to make a left turn while holding up traffic in the process.

But a Baton Rouge educator says she was terrorized on the road by an angry driver during her morning commute to work recently, expressing frustration over the lack of assistance from law enforcement following the road rage attack.

Road rage at a redlight

Ke’Aira Sharda detailed her ordeal to Unfiltered with Kiran, shedding light on a disturbing incident that unfolded on December 7.

While at a red light on Hwy. 19 near Scotlandville High School, Sharda found herself at a standstill behind a black Dodge Ram truck when the light turned green. The driver ahead failed to move for approximately 10 seconds, prompting Sharda to honk her horn.

However, Sharda’s attempt to alert the driver led to a frightening escalation.

“He is trying to … wreck me off the road”

“I blew the horn to say, ‘Hey, the light’s green.’ He sped off and tried to go on the interstate, but we were in the second lane,” she recalled. “He decided to block both lanes. He was upset I blew the horn. I’m trying to get around him. He’s blocking both lanes. He speeds up, comes behind me, and does the same thing. He is trying to merge into my lane and wreck me off the road.”

Sharda described how the aggressive driver, weaving through traffic, attempted to force her off the interstate. Despite reaching her exit, the man pursued her, culminating in a confrontation at a stop sign.

“He drove around and cornered me in”

“I put the window down at the stop sign to get a picture of their face,” Sharda said. “He drove around and cornered me in so I couldn’t go. The passenger exited the car and banged on my window.”

Sharda recorded the incident, and the passenger in the truck can be seen banging on her window before attempting to pull her side mirror off on the driver’s side.

After the road rage confrontation, Sharda said she called 911, and law enforcement was less than helpful.

“I thought when you call 911, you call for help”

“I called 911 and told them what happened. (He was) still right there,” she said. “The lady who answered transferred me to another number and said, ‘Let me transfer you to someone who can help.’ The person who answered the phone also transferred me. I was transferred three times.”

“Finally, (an officer) picked up the phone and asked me how I got this number. As I was explaining this to him, I went through three people before I could talk to someone. When I went to the station, it wasn’t far from where it happened. No one asked how I was doing.”

Sharda explained the road rage incident to one officer, who told her that it sounded like assault. She said she has been waiting to hear from authorities since the incident.

“If I’m calling 911 and say I’m being attacked…I wasn’t expecting to be transferred,” she said. “I thought when you call 911, you call for help.”

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