Victim’s Voice: Family begging for roof over their heads

"I am trying to keep my faith, but I’m becoming very weary of our living conditions"

My name is Eian Palmisano & I live in Ascension Parish. I got your name from an older lady that came across my family’s story. She said to contact you.

Our living conditions are rapidly deteriorating as we live and own a 1980 mobile home that needs a roof and walls terribly.

I clean houses and my partner works. We have 4 children, one with special needs. I was denied by FEMA for funding the first time. I then appealed and they gave a thousand dollars to help fix repairs. So in that time, we had an electrical shortage that happened and we almost lost our home due to the walls getting wet from the bad roof that is deteriorating our home entirely.

I am afraid and I stay up all hours of the night in worry and fear something will happen. Before the storm, we didn’t have these problems. We have nowhere else to go nor can we afford to pay rent or a mortgage. I am trying to keep my faith, but I’m becoming very weary of our living conditions as we have no other options but to get our roof done to try to save and salvage what is left of our home.

We are desperate and praying more now than ever. We have no other options at all. We are just in so much heartache and despair. My financial options will leave me and my babies homeless if we can’t get help with a roof for our home. Someone please help us.

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