Victim’s Voice: ‘He was a caring person. He was willing to help any and everybody’

BAKER– Quentin Norman was 27 years old when he was found dead in his home in Baker. Nearly nine months later, his family still doesn’t know what happened.

“Last November, he was murdered in his apartment off of Jefferson Street in Baker,” said Norman’s sister Shakira Armwood. “It was right before Thanksgiving. We don’t know who the killer is. We are trying to find out info from Baker Police Department.”

Norman’s sister said there were no cameras in the area at the Charleston Oaks Apartments where her brother lived. She has had contact with the detective on the case, but there have been few updates.

“Every time we speak with the detective, it’s ‘we’re waiting on records’,” she said. “Whoever murdered him took his phone.”

Armwood said Norman was a loving and caring person. She said they want answers because they can’t comprehend who would’ve wanted to hurt her brother.

“He was a caring person. He wasn’t in any trouble. He was willing to help any and everybody,” she said. “He made friends with any and everybody. He was a church person and loved to sing in the choir. He was a loving person. If you knew him, no one had a bad thing to say about him.”

“We are hurting,” she continued. “We just don’t understand why anyone would kill him. It made us feel very angry inside.”

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