Victim’s Voice: “I had 3 children asleep in their beds when someone shot at my house”


A mother & father are livid after their 8-yr-old daughter was asleep in her bed, in her own room, when the house was shot at least three times. The good news is the homeowner’s surveillance camera picked up a man and car at the time of the shooting and needs the public’s help in identifying both. (Video further below in article)

A’Laysiah Jackson’s parents are now separated and she was at her dad, Al Jackson’s, home in the 3600 block of Greenway Dr. in Baton Rouge when the shooting happened. She was there with two of her step-siblings, who were both asleep in their own rooms.

It happened on April 18, 2022 around 8am, exactly one week after 3-yr-old Devin Page Jr. was killed when a stray bullet shot him in the head while he was asleep.

Jackson said a few days prior, his fiancé’s friend’s phone was stolen after she accidentally put it on top of her car and drove off. That phone fell off and Jackson said he knows for a fact that his neighbors picked it up. It’s why they got into an argument, but Jackson stressed there were no guns involved in the argument at all. He added he even received a threatening message via social media after that incident.

Then on Monday morning, someone shot at his home. Five people were inside the home at the time, two adults and three children aged 3, 5, and 8.

“We heard gunshots, six shots fired and three hit my house, the bathroom and my sunroom. I found one bullet in the bathroom window pane,” said Jackson. “The room where the little boy was asleep, a bullet went through a window and into the dining room wall. Thankfully, the little boy got up earlier in the morning and got in bed with us.”

“I went and got my baby,” said the 8-yr-old’s mother Tenika Dumas. “My baby is not staying there. My family was beyond themselves and I don’t know when I’ll be ready to let go back to her dad’s.”

Jackson is not upset at all over Dumas’ decision. In fact, he not only fully understands but also wants the same thing. He’s worried whoever came to shoot his home, may return.

“These people know there are kids at this house. Why would you want to do anything like this,” said Dumas.

“I’m really pissed off to the max because this was unexpected. Any of us could have been shot. I shouldn’t have to walk out of my own house and watch my back. The situation with my neighbor shouldn’t lead to all this. I feel like they sent a hitman out. I don’t know this shooter. My family could have been hit by a stray bullet. My house was targeted. I’m going to do whatever I have to do to protect my house.”

Jackson said Baton Rouge Police did respond to the home after the shots were fired but he feels more should be done. Jackson said perhaps if officers could have done anything after the argument on Friday, maybe it wouldn’t have escalated to his home shot.

Plus, he realized after the shooting that his home cameras did pick up a suspicious man walk up to his home near a BREC park. When a dog scared him off, Jackson said he believes the same guy returned, but in a dark-gray colored car this time to shoot at the home.  

“I saw the guy on the camera and he focused right at my house, pointing the gun directly at my house. I feel like I shouldn’t have to leave my house. We didn’t have any guns during any arguments,” said Jackson. “It’s ridiculous. It’s nonsense. It’s senseless shootings. There’s no reason for the shootings. The reasons are pointless like, ‘Why did you shoot? Oh he stepped on my shoe.’ People can’t control their anger.”

Although the surveillance camera picks up a man and car at a distance, Jackson is hoping someone may know something and call police.

“I can’t have my family living like this in fear all the time in their own home. The 5-yr-old is now terrified to even go in her room because she’s old enough to know what happened. We’re scared to put the 3-yr-old in his room and my daughter is staying at her mom’s now. I shouldn’t have to live like this in my own home,” said Jackson.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP and you can remain anonymous.

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