Victim’s Voice: “I kind of just came to terms with dying or getting raped”

“They’re grateful that I’m not hurt and I’m still alive because it sucks when they send their daughter back to Baton Rouge, they’re going to fear for my life. They won’t want to send me back.”

On July 10, 2022 around 3:45am, a 19-yr-old college student said while at the Ion Apartments, she woke up to a man screaming at her bedside. For her protection, Unfiltered with Kiran is choosing not to release the teen’s name.

“Around 3:45am, I was in a very deep sleep, obviously. I heard a loud bang on my door and sat up and before I could gather what was happening, a 5’6”, 180 lb, shirtless black man was at the side of my bed yelling at me telling me, I was a “crazy bitch” and I didn’t understand what was going to happen to me,” said the student.

“I tried to keep myself collected. I asked him, ‘What did he want from me?’ That’s when he grabbed my wrist.

He said, ‘We’re going to die tonight bitch.’ He dropped my wrist and started to body slam himself into my glass sliding door and he was trying to break through it to jump off.

I started freaking out now because I keep that door closed all the time for my cat. Out of panic, I said it opened. He opened the door and jumped off the ledge. I watched him fall & hit the ground,” said the student.

The teenager did call 911 and police responded to the apartment complex on W. Chime St. Officers say it was a home invasion that ended with a suicide of the 47-yr-old man.

“My door was split in two and my lock was on the ground. My blinds were completely broken with blood on them from him busting through the door. When he jumped out of the window, my blinds went with him,” she said.

Sources have said the man did work at the apartment complex and that officers did find drugs at his home. Whether or not he was under the influence of drugs remains under investigation.

The East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office confirmed they will be conducting a toxicology test on the man who died. That can take a few months to complete.

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out to the Ion Apartments for a comment to the story, but was told no manager was on staff because it was a Sunday.

The young woman did say the complex put out an email to all residents. She provided a copy of that email to Unfiltered with Kiran.

“It was very traumatic and my apartment complex sent out an email saying he gained access instead of forcing his way into the apartment. I did not know this guy. I have never seen this guy a day in my life.

I kind of just came to terms with dying or getting raped. As a 19-yr-old girl who isn’t even 120 pounds, what am I supposed to think. I was scared, shaking and my heart was pounding. When he said, ‘We’re going to die,’ I told myself, ‘Ok, I’m going to die’,” said the teenager.

The college student said she has a lease until next August, but given that this is allegedly the second time an incident has happened while at the apartment complex within the past five months, she said she will be moving out.

She said there was an incident in February 2022 when four men attempted to follow her inside her apartment & she reported it to the apartment complex’ management.

“I will obviously be breaking my lease. I refuse to stay there especially if their employee tries to kill their resident,” she said. “I feel a little taken advantage of like I’m not being valued as a resident. My safety isn’t being respected.”

Although the man’s toxicology is pending, the apartment’s email said they believe he had “been under the influence.”

“When he came in, he sounded like he was mumbling or chanting something to himself,” the teenager said.

Her advise to young women living alone for college in Baton Rouge was to “Surround yourself with the right people. Look into where you’re living. Be very careful of your surroundings at all times. What was I supposed to do? I was asleep. Maybe try not to live alone and just be very cautious.”

The teenager has since left Baton Rouge & returned to her parents’ home, who said they’re very upset.

“They’re pissed off. They’re grateful that I’m not hurt and I’m still alive because it sucks when they send their daughter back to Baton Rouge, they’re going to fear for my life. They won’t want to send me back.”

The young woman was not physically hurt, but definitely mentally & emotionally scarred.

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2 Comments on Victim’s Voice: “I kind of just came to terms with dying or getting raped”

  1. This apartment complex used to be called “The University” and even then under that name, The apartment was not safe. The side doors were always unlocked. During football games, random strangers would be able to just walk in. The floors were extremely uneven. You could see the level for the floors be at a tilt for how poorly built the apartment was. And elevator fell to the bottom floor. They moved everyone out, got new management and apparently “fixed” the building.

    Safety has never been a concern for that apartment complex and that’s been made very apparent. From them to undermine the situation and make it seem like the man has easy access to her apartment and didn’t even mention that a resident was occupying the space, is poor. You would think safety would be the number one concern: when the apartment is at the edge of campus and surrounded by a not so nice neighborhood. Anyone who knows Baton Rouge knows that area is not the best.

    I hope the apartment complex gets properly reprimanded for this. Too many incidents has happened at this complex.

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