Victim’s Voice: “Is a protective order just a piece of paper now?”

Baton Rouge Police said they don’t have the manpower to go get him. I believe that my blood would have been on their hands and if he does get a bond, my blood will be on their hands.”

Breanna Jones & her baby girl

Despite two protective orders in hand, Breanna Jones says she’s living in fear of her ex-boyfriend and father of her little girl. Jones alleges that her ex has violated those protective orders six times. 

Most recently, Christian King, 30, was caught on video pouring gasoline on Jones’ property and setting fire to her home on Southmoor Dr. in Baton Rouge. The lawyer has since been arrested by the Baton Rouge Fire Dept. for three felonies: simple arson, simple criminal damage to property and violations of protective orders.

Jones, 28, explained the two are no longer together and that she had to get her first protective order in Dec. 2022 after she said King sent threatening text messages.

On Dec. 16, 2022, Jones requested and was granted protection from King. Her protective order says:

Christian King sent me and my mother a text message stating “Y’all crossed the line when you contacted my ex. If y’all ever ask me for help or if I see y’all again, there’s going to be a problem. Stay out of my life.” I consider this a threat because he is currently on bail in Orleans Parish for agg. assault with a firearm for finding his ex-girlfriend and pulling a gun out on her. He also has a history of pulling a knife out on his father and fighting him.

In reference to the the “we contacted his ex,” my mother reached out to her because he (King) abused her and was mentally abusing me while I was pregnant and we had to get an idea of how mentally unstable he is.

He has not personally harmed me but has a history of violence, mental health issues and has sent threatening text messages.”

Based on that statement and that King threatened Jones’ life, threatened or attempted suicide and the alleged abuse had gotten more severe over the past year, Judge Erika Green signed a protective order through Dec. 28, 2022.

King was ordered not to abuse, harass, assault, stalk, follow, track, monitor or threaten Jones. He could not go within 100 yards of her home or anywhere she worked. Plus, he was ordered not to damage any of her belongings or property.

But Jones claims King did everything he was ordered not to do despite being served the protective order on Dec. 19th.

  • Dec. 19th 10:56pm he was sitting across the street from my house just watching me
  • Dec. 20th 3:52am he slashed the tires to two of my vehicles and one of my mother’s vehicles
  • Dec. 23rd he harassed my brother

Jones said she first started reaching out to the Baton Rouge Police Dept. on Dec. 16, 2022. She said she filed a report with the Baton Rouge Police Dept. every time and has each case report number. However, she said she did not get anywhere with police.

It’s why on Jan. 6, 2023, Jones went back to family court to request another protective order. She was granted one through Jan. 25, 2023, and King was served the order on Jan. 9th and made aware of its restrictions.

But Jones claims despite another protective order and being told what he could not do, King continued harassing her by driving past her home on Jan. 11th and eventually setting fire to her property on Jan. 14th.

That entire incident was caught on camera. The Baton Rouge Fire Department’s arson detective responded to the scene to investigate. The detective said the fire was, “determined to be intentionally set without the permission of the owner causing approximately $10,000 in damages. As a result, this fire was classified as arson.”

After King allegedly set the fire, he fled and officials who stopped him said they found a “heavy odor resembling gasoline” on King and even found a red gas can in the vehicle.

King was arrested by the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

Jones said every time, she has reported the incidents to BRPD but it falls on deaf ears. She added the ankle monitoring company has provided the police coordinates every time King violated the 100 yard order.

“How many times does it take someone to violate a protective order to get arrested? They told me they don’t have the manpower to go get him even though they know exactly where he is,” said Jones.

“Is a protective order just a piece of paper now? Does it do anything for me? Did it even make sense for me to get it because it feels like it didn’t even make sense for me to get a protective order.

He’s committing crimes and I’m reporting it and nothing is happening. Every time I’ve reported him to the police, he ignores the law and comes to my property. I’m afraid for my life. If he gets out, I’m not safe at all. My family is not safe. He has no regard for the law. Something needs to happen when someone is reporting violent crimes to them. If they didn’t have proof, that’s one thing but I have all the proof.”

Jones is fed up because she says she feels like she’s hitting a brick wall when it comes to the police, despite living nearby BRPD headquarters. It’s been exactly a month since Jones first started reaching out to police telling them about every incident involving King. She said in the first week of January, she called Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul‘s office while her aunt called Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome‘s office.

“I feel like I’m begging for the police’s attention. That’s not how it’s supposed to be,” said Jones. “Take it serious. If someone is reporting something to you, don’t wait till they’re killed to take some action against the person who has a violent history and he’s showing you he has no regard for the law. Baton Rouge Police, you should be ashamed of yourself. I have no ill will towards the police but I know it’s time for a change. The process needs to change. If someone can keep violating a protection order again and again, what’s the purpose of even getting a protection order? Are we not protected by the police?”


Jones said she went to Baton Rouge Police headquarters last week because King allegedly violated the protective order again.

“I asked if they would wait for him to kill me and someone at the front told me they don’t know who I need to talk to,” said Jones. When a detective did come out to speak with her, Jones said, “The detective wouldn’t even take me back to his office. I had to talk to him in the hallway. I told him it’s very sensitive information. We were talking in the lobby. I asked if we can go to his office so he took me near the elevators in the lobby to speak.”

It’s why after the Jan. 14th fire, Jones said she took to social media about how dire the situation had become with her ex.

“I usually would not post any personal information to Facebook. It seemed like nothing was going to happen, I wasn’t being heard so I had to post to social media to get some attention. Now they (BRPD) are calling me. Now they’re asking what the timeline was. A detective who was assigned my case on Jan. 9th is calling me on Jan. 16th saying he doesn’t even see the protective order in their system? I feel very unprotected,” said Jones.

“It’s frustrating. I have a child to look after her and I can’t protect her. I’m calling law enforcement like they told me to do and sending them all the proof I have. Nothing is being done. Now I’m out of a house. I’m out of a car. Because the police wouldn’t do anything, I had to get a security system.

I went through the proper channels to report everything. I believe that my blood would have been on their hands and if he does get a bond, my blood will be on their hands.”

Unfiltered with Kiran reached out to East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore on the case. He said King’s bail hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 18th.

“We are asking he be held because of his dangerousness and the allegations that are made against him. Clearly someone who has an ankle monitor on and is violating the law openly and doing so in a very dangerous manner doesn’t deserve to be out on bond and now we have two potential victims,” said Moore. “When we saw this come down, Dana Cummings and I saw his history. We contacted the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office and had the assistant district attorney contact the judge to be put a hold on him. He has a hearing scheduled on Wednesday. Orleans tells us they will file to revoke his bond in case he does make bond in Baton Rouge,” said Moore.

King also has charges in Orleans Parish for allegedly violating a different protective order against a different victim.

BRPD does not work with UWK and does not respond to any emails or questions regarding cases. It’s why BRPD does not have a response in this report.

As per BRPD General Order 139,  Public Information Officers may communicate with authorized news media representatives which is defined as “those individuals who are directly employed by agencies of the electronic or print media such as radio, television and newspapers.” The policy specifically states that “free-lance workers in this field are to be regarded as other members of the general public unless otherwise designated by the Chief of Police.”


If you would like to help Jones, she does have a gofundme set up.

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