Victim’s Voice: “Kicked my dad in the face & asked for a cord to tie him up”

A daughter is desperate to find the couple who is accused of brutally beating her father, robbing him & then breaking his truck keys so he couldn’t leave.  

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the armed robbery & home invasion. It happened early morning Wednesday, May 25, 2022 in the 10,000 block of Crooked Creek Ln. in Denham Springs.

The homeowner, a 60-yr-old man, allowed one of the accused suspects, Alyssa Dennis, to move in with him. The homeowner was going through a divorce when he met Dennis. The daughter told Unfiltered with Kiran that Dennis told her father “she had no place to go but when my dad let her stay, things started going missing in the home. She was (allegedly) using Meth and would start to trash my dad’s home.”

About two months ago, the daughter said her dad had law enforcement remove Dennis from his home. A few days prior to the armed robbery, Dennis was back at the home but it’s unclear why.

“I talked to my dad at 8:51 that night and he was okay. So it was after that. We didn’t even know till after he was sent to the hospital because he had no way of contacting us because they took his phone,” said the daughter, who asked not to be identified by name.

While Dennis was inside getting her things, her boyfriend, Robert Benson was waiting outside.

“When her boyfriend came in, my dad asked why he was there and Robert told my dad that Alyssa said he could come over. My dad told him he needed to leave and that’s when he attacked my dad. He started choking him and my dad began to pass out and fell on the kitchen floor. That’s when Robert began kicking my dad in the face and told Alyssa to start grabbing things. He even asked Alyssa for a cord to tie my dad up and she came back with a cord she cut of a hair dryer. I don’t believe this was ever used but it was in the kitchen when I arrived at my dad’s home,” said the daughter. “My dad told me that’s what he asked her when he originally grabbed my dad before he went down on the kitchen floor.”

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office said Benson & Dennis are accused of also robbing the homeowner of his belongings before running out.

The daughter said the duo took her dad’s tablet, wallet with cash and credit cards, guns from his bedroom including a shotgun & rifle, cell phone and even broke his truck keys so he couldn’t leave out.

“He eventually got up and they had left the front door open so he went to the next door neighbors who eventually called 911,” said the daughter.

The homeowner was taken to a hospital where doctors said he had a broken nose, hemorrhage in his left eye, bruised ribs and a large knot on his forehead where he was allegedly kicked.

“He was kicking him with steel toe boots,” said the daughter.

The homeowner is now back home but his daughter says they’re scared for their own lives.

LPSO is actively looking for Robert Benson for home invasion & armed robbery and his girlfriend Alyssa Dennis for principal to commit armed robbery.

Anyone with information on the couple’s whereabouts or further information on the case, is asked to call LPSO at 225-686-2241 x1 or Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-STOP.

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