Victim’s Voice: Killer still free after son killed two months ago

“I need somebody to do their job because I’m running out of patience. I need answers.” -Victim’s father

A 25-year-old man was killed outside of his apartment complex in November 2022 and his family is still seeking information to find out who ended their family member’s life.

The shooting reportedly happened at 2:58 am outside the Towne Oaks apartment complex on North Sherwood Forest Dr. Officers found Da’vante Ross shot to death near one of the parking lots.

Da’vante’s father Lester Ross said any information on his son’s death has been hard to come by over the last two months.

“My son got killed on a Friday and I didn’t talk to a detective until Monday,” Ross said. “Since then, I haven’t gotten any new information.”

The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating Da’vaRoss said his son had gotten into an argument with people who live in the same apartment complex as him about two weeks before his death.

He said the argument took place in the complex’s laundry room and at that time, Ross said a couple of the people pointed guns at him.

“The argument was about him taking his clothes off of the dryer to put his clothes in the dryer,” Ross said. “He thought nothing of it at the time, so he went on about his business. I didn’t find out about the incident until way later. He never contacted me when it first happened.”

Ross said Da’vante was trying to make a life for himself before he was killed.

“My son wasn’t a street kid,” he said. “He went to welder school and he worked in the plant. He had some property and some other stuff he was working on and he would skateboard all the time.”


Ross said there was surveillance video at the complex that showed two male figures walking up to Da’vante before he was shot. A bullet casing was also found at the scene.

“I feel like when it’s the other race and something happens, y’all running and running offering all kinds of rewards and stuff,” he said of local law enforcement. “When it’s black on black, y’all let it linger and linger.”

It’s been over two months since Da’vante’s death and Ross said he needs one thing.

“I need somebody to do their job because I’m running out of patience. I need answers.”

Ross said it’s been two months since his son’s murder. He said he feels more can be done.

“I gave them the persons of interest who he (Da’vante Ross) had an argument with,” he said. “They keep telling me they have to review the video footage. That does nothing for me. They moved out of the complex and one of them cut their hair to change how they look. To me, they’re (law enforcement) not doing anything. My son was a taxpayer, he didn’t do anything wrong and that’s how ya’ll do him?”

BRPD does not work with UWK and does not respond to any emails or questions regarding cases. It’s why BRPD does not have a response in this report.

As per BRPD General Order 139, Public Information Officers may communicate with authorized news media representatives which is defined as “those individuals who are directly employed by agencies of the electronic or print media such as radio, television and newspapers.” The policy specifically states that “free-lance workers in this field are to be regarded as other members of the general public unless otherwise designated by the Chief of Police.”

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